VenturaSQL consists of a designer program, runtime assemblies (DLL files) and project templates. VenturaSQL needs to be installed by running a simple installer.

The current VenturaSQL release can be found on

The installer has a name like "venturasetup_2_8_15.exe".

Download and run the installer:

The installer will install VenturaSQL Studio and the runtime assemblies in the ProgramFiles(x86)\VenturaTools folder. For example:

\Program Files (x86)\VenturaTools\VenturaSQL 2.8.15

The contents of the VenturaSQL folder:

The contents of the Assemblies folder:

The runtime assemblies are very compact.

If you ticked the "create a desktop shortcut" checkbox in the installer, a shortcut to VenturaSQL Studio will be placed on the Desktop:

Since you will be using VenturaSQL Studio regularly, it is handy to add a shortcut to the taskbar.

Multiple versions

Multiple VenturaSQL versions can be installed on a computer at the same time. The installer will not upgrade a previously installed version, but the new version will be installed side-by-side.

As a consequence, you need to uninstall each Ventura version separately in the Control Panel: