A Line of Business (LOB) application, is a computer program that is vital to running an enterprise. They're business rather than consumer applications

LOB applications are usually large programs that contain a number of integrated capabilities and tie into databases and database management systems.

What is a LOB application?

  • Interactive and self explanatory.
  • Many dialog screens, an application can have hundreds of dialogs.
  • Data entry split over multiple dialog screens.
  • Lots of data entry. The application is usually optimized for keyboard control.
  • Used in back office, factory work floor and customer service counters.
  • Primarily runs on desktop computers. Mobile comes second.
  • Domain specific, for example finance, insurance, health care, telecom, and e-commerce applications.
  • Relatively simple user interface with mostly datagrids, text fields, checkboxes and buttons.
  • Online Transactional Processing (OLTP). Many small database transactions.
  • Integrate with other systems that manage the data and execute the transactions--databases, systems of record, etc.