This topic explains where to find the resultset(s) in the recordset.

A resultset is a collection (list) of records. A record represent a database row and has column properties.

When a SQL script produces a single resultset, the generated recordset class holds the resultset:

var customers = new PriKey_Customers_Recordset();


foreach( var customer in customers)


    Console.WriteLine("Customer name :" + customer.Name);


When a SQL script produces multiple resultsets, then the generated recordset has properties that hold the resultsets:

MultiRSRecordset multi = new MultiRSRecordset();


foreach (var patient in multi.ResultsetPatient)

    Console.WriteLine("Patient name " + patient.Name);

foreach (var customer in multi.ResultsetCustomers)

    Console.WriteLine("Customer name " + customer.Name);

The names of the resultset properties are set in the recordset editor in VenturaSQL Studio. The name of the property must begin with the word "Resultset".