In Project Settings page in VenturaSQL Studio, you need to add both the client and server project to the list of Visual Studio C# output projects.

On the client, recordsets are used to retrieve and update database data.

On the server, recordsets are also used to process incoming requests.The requests originate from Recordset.ExecSql, Recordset.SaveChanges, Transactional.ExecSql and Transactional.SaveChanges calls in the clients.

A client request only contains data.

SQL script, column definitions and parameter definitions are not included in the request.

Instead, when the server receives a request, the server will lookup the local recordset and extract the SQL script, column definitions and parameter definitions from that recordset.

This approach saves bandwidth, maximizes performance and makes the server tamper-proof.

The recordsets on the server can also be used to access the database directly, just like in a client application. See topic Setting the DefaultConnector for information.