Set the UseMultiCheck parameter to true

When true, a checkbox will be displayed on each row.


The hypergrid supports two different methods of registering a checked item:

  • Keep a list of checked items. 
  • Use a boolean field on the item itself.

Keep a list of checked items

Provide the HyperGrid with a generic List, and the HyperGrid will add selected items, and remove unselected items.

private List<Customer> CheckedItemsList = new List<Customer>();

UseMultiCheck="true" CheckedItems="@CheckedItemsList"

Use a boolean field on the item

This method can be used when you want the checked status to depend on a table field. 

You need to provide the HyperGrid with three expressions:

  • IsChecked: Return true when the item is to be considered checked. For example "c => c.Company == 1"
  • SetChecked: Set the item to checked state. For example "c => c.Company = 1"
  • SetUnchecked: Set the item to unchecked state. For example "c => c.Company = 2"


public Func<ItemType, bool> IsChecked { get; set; }


public Action<ItemType> SetChecked { get; set; }


public Action<ItemType> SetUnchecked { get; set; }

UseMultiCheck="true" IsChecked="c => c.IsSelected" SetChecked="c => c.IsSelected = true" SetUnchecked="c => c.IsSelected = false"