A column is considered updateable when the modified column value will be send to the database with the Recordset.SaveChanges or Transactional.SaveChanges method call.

A column is updateable when:

  • It belongs to the updateable table that was selected for the resultset;
  • It is not an SQL expression;
  • It is not an identity (autonumber) type column.

The updateable table for a resultset is selected in the SQL script view of the recordset editor in VenturaSQL Studio.

A read-only recordset has no updateable table, no updateable columns and no Recordset.SaveChanges method.

When hovering the mouse pointer over a column property, the tooltip will show if a column is updateable or not:

Updateable columns in the resulting SQL statements

When SaveChanges sends updateable column values to the database, they will be used in either an UPDATE or INSERT statement.

The pseudo SQL statements illustrate where the values are placed:

UPDATE <updateable column values> WHERE <primary key values>

INSERT INTO <tablename> VALUES  <updateable column values>