This window is used to modify advanced provider settings.

Click the [Default] button to reset all advanced settings.

If the [Collect] button in the recordset definition page fails with an "SQL syntax error" but you are sure the SQL script is correct, then likely there was a problem with the qualified table name for the selected provider. 

Qualify Table Name

VenturaSQL generates the SQL statements SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT and DELETE for manipulating a database. In these statements, a table source needs to be specified. In its simplest form only the name of the table is specified. In the most extended form, the fully qualified table name includes server, catalog, schema and table name.

For example: SELECT * FROM [Server].[CataLog].[Schema].[Table]

With the 4 check-boxes you can set what to include in the table name.

With most providers only "Include schema if available" needs to be checked.

List All Tables

When Auto Create Recordsets retrieves a list of all tables present in a database it calls ADO.NET's DbConnection.GetSchema("Tables") method.

If table names cannot be found, you will be asked to change the mappings in this dialog. Also when you notice the catalog or schema name is missing in the generated Recordsets, you need to check the mappings. 

Only map a column name when there is a match is in the raw data table, otherwise select "(map automatically)".