Actions for the currently opened project.

Add Recordset

Create a new recordset. Start by entering a recordset name. The name must be a valid C# identifier. The name must end with the word "Recordset". If word "Recordset" will be added automatically if missing.

The Recordset editor page is opened when you click [New].

Run Auto Create Recordsets

This will add automatically created recordsets to the project. These recordsets for meant for basic data operations. You can configure the module in the Auto Create Recordsets Settings window


Opens the Generate page and starts the code generation process.

Open Folder in File Explorer

Opens a Windows File Explorer Window.

The contents of the folder where the currently open VenturaSQL project file (.venproj) is stored will be displayed.

In this folder you find the template Visual Studio projects that were created when creating a new VenturaSQL project.


Opens the Project Settings page.

Advanced Provider Settings

Opens the Advanced Provider Settings window.

Select ADO.NET Provider

Opens the Select ADO.NET Provider page where you can select a different data provider.