Returns true if the record was initialized with column values that came directly from the database.

Only a record with DataRecordStatus.Existing or DataRecordStatus.ExistingDelete can have StartedWithDbValues() return true.

A record with status DataRecordStatus.New will always have StartedWithDbValues() returning false.

When StartedWithDbValues() returns true, original-value tracking is enabled for each column of the record.

See topic Original value tracking for more information.

This method is defined in the generated record code.

public bool StartedWithDbValues()


A record is created, filled with values, reset to not modified and the status is set to DataRecordStatus.Existing. Finally the record is appended to the resultset:

var record = customers.NewRecord();

record.ID = 100;

record.Firstname = "John";

record.Lastname = "Smith";