Version 3.2.83 - Tuesday 29 September 2020

  • When opening an auto-generated recordset in the editor, a warning is displayed that any changes to the recordset will be overwritten at code-generation time;
  • Added NuGet packages for .Net 5.0: VenturaSQL.NET5Webserver and VenturaSQL.NET5Runtime.

Version 3.1.73 - Saturday 25 July 2020

  • Added support for incrementally loading rows from the database into a recordset;

Version 3.0.55 - Monday 1 June 2020

  • Made VenturaSQL compatible with Blazor WebAssembly;
  • Added the VenturaConfig.SetHttpClientFactory() method for Blazor WebAssembly support;
  • Added a new Project Template: "Create a Blazor WebAssembly project with an ASP.NET Core 3.1 Web server as the middle-tier";
  • Updated the SQL Server connection strings in the New Project Templates as the sample AdventureWorks 2017 database on Azure SQL Server was moved from Azure "East US 2" to Azure "West Europe" (Amsterdam):,1433; Initial Catalog=AdventureWorks2017; Persist Security Info=False;User ID=reader; Password=easypassword9!; MultipleActiveResultSets=False; Encrypt=True; TrustServerCertificate=False; Connection Timeout=30;

Version 2.8.15 - Wednesday 15 April 2020

  • VenturaSQL.AspNetCore.dll requires ASP.NET Core 3.1 or higher;
  • VenturaSQL Studio no longer needs product key activation. The menu option [Tools-License] was removed.

Version 2.6.1950 - Monday 12 November 2018

  • Added Record.ResetToUnmodified and Recordset.ResetAllToUnmodified methods;
  • Added Record.IsModified(column name) method to query the modification status of an individual column;
  • Small improvements to the generated Recordset source code

Version 2.6.1910 - Monday 5 November 2018

  • Improvements to the generated records code;
  • Auto Create Recordsets now places (provider determined) quotes around column and table names.

Version 2.6.1902 - Friday 2 November 2018

  • Improved the "class summary" text for the generated recordsets;
  • RecordsetObservable<> was renamed to ResultsetObservable<>;
  • RecordsetData<> was renamed to ResultsetData<>;
  • Project Vacuuming. Deleted recordsets will also be deleted from the Visual Studio C# output projects. All folders you specify in a VenturaSQL project are now managed by VenturaSQL. Ventura will empty the folders as needed;
  • Auto-run "Auto Create Recordsets". The Auto Create Recordsets module runs every time when code generation is started. This makes Ventura easier to use when modifying tables in the database. Before: a) modify/add table column. b) delete Auto Create folder. c) run Auto Create d) run Generate. New: a) modify/add table column. b) run Generate.
  • Completed record-validation in the generated record code. It checks that all primary keys are set. If not, an exeption is thrown;

Version 2.5.1690 - Friday 28 September 2018

  • SQLite: fixed detection of a resultset even though the script didn't produce any resultsets. The provider produces a resultset without columns instead of no resultset.

Version 2.5.1681 - Monday 17 September 2018

This build is released as a preview. The "Learn the programming pattern for LOB (Line of Business) applications" template has been added to the "New Project" dialog. This is an extensive sample on how to use recordsets and viewmodels to create LOB software.

Version 2.5.1652 - Thursday 13 September 2018

This build is released as a preview and is a major update that makes VenturaSQL a mature product with extended functionality:

  • The code generator, VenturaSQL Studio is feature complete:
  • Select any ADO.NET Provider in the provider page;
  • A new Advanced Provider Settings dialog;
  • When creating a new project, there is a list of templates to choose from;
  • A new recordset parameter definition dialog;
  • The Auto Create Recordsets module has been added;
  • A lot of improvements to the generated recordset C# code;
  • Major improvements to the runtime, making working with the database easier than ever before.

The VenturaSQL.NETStandard.WithoutADO.dll was removed. Every .NET framework flavor has the full ADO.NET functionality aboard by default, so it doesn't make sense to have a Ventura runtime without ADO.NET (System.Data) references.

Version 2.0.3 - Wednesday 8 August 2018

The UI has been improved:

  • The Project Explorer is always visible.
  • Multi-select, Move, Copy and Delete has been added to the Project Explorer.
  • The menu on the left side of each tab has been removed, and is replaced by buttons on the top row of the page.