Automatically create recordset definitions for selected tables.

Enabled checkbox

When checked, Auto Create Recordsets will run at the beginning of the code generation process.

Create PriKey recordsets checkbox

The checkbox is locked and cannot be unchecked. PriKey recordsets retrieve a single row based on the primary key(s). The SQL statement is:

SELECT column1 [,column2] FROM tablename WHERE prikey1 = @par1 [AND prikey2 = @par2 ...]

The name of the parameters is the column name. For example:

SELECT CountryCodeID, Name FROM CountryCodes WHERE CountryCodeID = @CountryCodeID

The PriKey recordset for a table will not be generated if the table has no primary key(s).

Create GetAll recordsets checkbox

When checked, SELECT * recordsets will be created.

The SQL statement is:

SELECT * FROM tablename

The actual number of rows loaded by the VenturaSQL runtime is limited by the Recordset.MaxRows property. The default limit is set to 500 rows.

Folder name textbox

The name of the folder that will contain the generated recordsets. The folder will be created in the root of the C# project. Clicking the [Default] button resets the folder name to "VenturaAutoCreate".

The excluded tables list

A list of all the tables in the database. The selected tables will be excluded from recordset creation.

Ok button

Save the settings.

Exclude All button

Select all tables.

Exclude None button

Deselect all tables.

Advanced Provider Settings button

Opens the Advanced Provider Settings window.

Cancel button

Close the window.