The Web protocol HTTP was originally designed for human-to-machine communication. In web services, HTTP is utilized for machine-to-machine communication. Data is transferred in the machine-readable file formats XML and JSON.

When designing VenturaSQL our goal was to get data over the intranet, internet or other networks as fast as possible and using as little bandwidth as possible.

As the data is only going to be consumed by Ventura's recordsets, there is no need to adhere to an open standard. We developed the FrameStream API, a proprietary data format and protocol, that is optimized for performance, bandwidth and database connectivity.

With the FrameStream API,  HTTP requests and responses are in binary format. For example, a 32-bit integer value is transmitted as 4 bytes of data and not a string like "1250000."

If needed, you can use web services like SOAP and REST side-by-side with VenturaSQL.