When you click the [Generate] button, this page is displayed, and the C# code generation process is started.

Before running code generation

  • Set the database connection string in project settings;
  • Set one or more C# output projects in project settings;
  • Add at at least 1 recordset.

The code generation process

Auto Create Recordsets

Automatically creates recordset definitions for basic table operations. Auto Create needs to be enabled and confgured in the Project Settings page.


The process starts by validating the project settings and all recordsets. If any problem is found, messages will be displayed in the validation messages pane.


Vacuuming deletes unused files from the Visual Studio C# output project folders. The only files allowed to remain in the folder are current recordset .cs files. Subfolders are also deleted.

C# code generation

Recordset classes are generated and added to the selected Visual Studio C# output projects.

In topic Understanding generated classes the structure of the generated recordset classes is explained.

Validation messages pane

Only when the validator finds a problem, the "Validation messages" pane is displayed at the bottom of the page:

When the validation error message is about a recordset, double-clicking the message opens the recordset.

Logging pane

The logging pane displays the progress of the code generation process. When code is generated successfully, the process will finish with the Code generation succeeded message.

Clear all button

Clears the generate page.

Save log as button

Opens a "save file as" window where you can save the log to a text file.