First start VenturaSQL Studio.

Create a new project

Click "New Project" on the Start Page.

Select the "Learn the programming pattern for LOB (Line of Business) applications" template.

Click [Ok] and the project will be created and the template will be copied.

Project Settings

Click [Settings] in the toolbar to open the Project Settings page.

Notice that the "Connection string" and "Visual Studio C# project 1" are set.

Auto created recordsets

Notice the "Models" folder in the Project Explorer pane. The recordsets have been added with "Auto Create".

Generating recordsets

Click the [Generate] button in the toolbar. The Generate page opens and the code generation process is started. Notice the log output in the Generate page.

Open the ProgrammingPattern solution

Click the [Explorer] button in the toolbar. The Windows file explorer opens. The folder containing the VenturaSQL Studio project file (.venproj) is selected:

Double-click "ProgrammingPattern.sln" to open the Visual Studio solution.

Proceed to topic ProgrammingPattern.sln.