In this dialog new project files are created. The project can be based on a template.

A template can include Visual Studio C# projects, recordsets and a database.

File name (and directory name)

The name of the project file to create. The extension .venproj will automatically be added to the file name.


The folder in which the new project will be created.

It is recommended that the project file is stored in the same folder as where the Visual Studio solution file (.sln) is saved.

The dialog window opens with the default project folder \Users\<user-name>\VenturaSQLProjects selected.

Create directory for project

When checked, the project file will be created in a subdirectory with the same name as the file name.


You can create an empty project file, or select a template.

"Click here to set the File name and Location based on an existing .sln file."

Select a Visual Studio solution file, and then the "File name" will be set to the solution file name, and "Location" will be set to the folder where the .sln file is stored.


Create the new VenturaSQL project based on the selected template.


The Visual Studio C# projects in the templates have their NuGet packages folder deleted. This was done to keep the VenturaSQL installer small. Visual Studio needs to restore the packages folder by downloading the packages again. See topic Restore NuGet packages.