Custom settings for the recordset.

Code generation

Select the Data Binding or High Performance radio-button.

Data Binding. Implements the INotifyCollectionChanged and INotifyPropertyChanged interfaces. The resultset functions like an ObservableCollection<>, and changing a record's column value generates a PropertyChanged event. The resultset and its records will be firing a lot of notification events for synchronizing the user interface with the resultset data.

High Performance. Recordsets are optimized for performance and cannot be used for data binding.

Resultset definitions

A SQL script can produce a single resultset, multiple resultsets or no resultset. In the case of a single resultset, the generated recordset will be the collection of rows and columns. In the case of multiple resultsets, the recordset will have multiple properties that each hold a resultset. In the "property name" field you can set the name of the property for each resultset.

In a resultset definition you set instructions for the C# code generator:

  • The name of the property holding the resultset.
  • The updateable table. The updateable table setting is explained in the SQL script view topic.

If the SQL script only produces a single resultset, the property name setting will not be needed and is ignored during code-generation.

The number of resultset definitions must be equal to (or greater than) the number of resultsets actually returned by the SQL script. Click the [Collect] button to re-set the number of resultset definitions.

Collect button. Click to execute the SQL script and collect resultsets information. The list of resultset definitions will be expanded as needed. If the SQL script produces fewer resultsets as there are definitions, the unused definitions will be displayed struck through.

See Execution of SQL scripts for more information about VenturaSQL studio executing SQL scripts at design time.

Cleanup button. Remove the struck through definitions from the list.

Default button. Reset the property names to default.


An recordset can be disabled by unchecking the "Enabled" checkbox. A disabled recordset will be excluded from code generation.

The "Project" checkboxes are used to include/exclude a recordset for each of the 6 possible Visual Studio output projects.

You can also (temporarily) exclude the whole Visual Studio output project from code generation in the Project settings page by disabling the output project there.


Optionally you can enter a summary text. The summary text will be included in the <summary> of the generated recordset class:

The text will be displayed as a tooltip when hovering over the class type in the Visual Studio code editor: