This topic contains the product documentation for VenturaSQL.

VenturaSQL is a complete system where all the components are connected to each other. We recommended that you browse the full product documentation before you start with the implementation. You don't need to memorize all the topics, just getting a feel for the components will help you with the implementation process.

See Overview for general information on VenturaSQL.

See VenturaSQL Studio for an in-depth explanation of the code generator program.

Get Started hands-on by walking through ready-to-run projects. 

Recordsets in your code explains how recordset work, and how to use them in your code.

Programming the server explains how to configure and use the web server.

The LOB Application Programming Pattern documentation suggests the architecture to use for Line of Business applications.

The reference guide for the Client API (NetStandard)

The reference guide for the Server API (AspNet/AspNetCore)